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Tahné Kleijn

As a young photographer I focus in portraying “real” men. By creating scenes and making small changes in what I find, my pictures incline to the classic tableau vivant. They almost look like paintings. I differentiate from other photographers with my use of lighting and the way I play with my subject, which refers to the Dutch painters of the Golden Age.

I started my career with my graduation project “soo d`oude songen, soo pypen de jonge”.In this project I portrayed my own family, far from normal, as a modern household of Jan Steen. In a series of seven photos I have shown subjects like addiction and financial problems, but also pride, loyalty and cosiness. This project was well received by the Dutch Press and art world and is currently displayed and for sale at Galerie KIS, Amsterdam.

Next to my own projects you can hire me for commissioned work. Portraying groups, families and businesses are my specialty, but you can also contact for other forms of photography. I am always available for a conversation to see what I can do for you. Together with the customer I will always find the best way to make the pictures necessary for their subject.