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Marieke Koopman

Marieke Koopman is an artist in every fibre of her being. Marieke’s interpretation and interaction with the audience is magical and intoxicating. Every time she enters the stage she finds a way to captivate her audience, even the youngest among them, and creates a once in a lifetime experience. As an actress she hopes to inspire her young audience and hopes to introduce them in the wondrous world of Baroque music an theatre.

Since 2013 Marieke has partnered up with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Ton Koopman in creating theatre concerts for children. Among the projects she made and played where: Earwig (2014), Noleta’s story– A Matthew Passion (2014), Caecilia (2015), Clean Hands – A Matthew Passion for children (2017) and I am a Knight (2017).
Marieke played in many of the big venues of Holland, with the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam as the highlight of her career. Since 2015 Marieke has also started her international career with performances in Spain, Germany, France and Austria. In the future Marieke hopes to further broaden her international career.

Next to her acting career Marieke also has a very active singing career. She sings Jazz in several groups and creates an intimate atmosphere every time she sings. Her interpretation of the songs makes her a breath of fresh air to listen to. At the moment she sings in the IJ-Combo, the Big Fun Band, Delightful 3 and several other projects.