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Isil Vos

Isil Vos is an actrice, and graduated from the ArtEZ theatreschool in Arnhem. From a young age she had the dream of becoming a thespian and theatre director, and loved the ide of being able to tell her own stories. In the meantime she has worked for the Mighty Society, Theatergroep 42, Toneelgroep Keesen&co, Toneelgroep Oostpool and Stichting Nieuwe Helden as an actrice, director and project leader.

Her theatre shows are often reflections upon and reactions to current events in the world. She also believes that the strength of theatre lies in the fact that it is an art form that purely exists in the now. The audience can hear the breathing of the actor, smell the sweat and feel the excitement of the performance in the moment. All in all, she holds a deep passion for theatre and for creating performances that confront difficult themes with absurdism and humour.