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Catinka Kersten

My last project was a group of sculptures of classic game animals. It was my way to hunt them. To criple them and make them mine. I deformed them by letting people hold them in certain ways while the plaster set in the fabric skins. In 1958 the writer Johan Daisne wrote an essay about magic realism. From this essay I’ve got a quote that is dear to me. He was talking about what it is that makes the essence of this literary movement: “It lies in the selecting and pondering reflection of that what makes a person. Body, heart, reason and intuition of the transcendence, without miracles or microscope, because with those you make religion or science.” Art is not religion, Art is not Science. Art is communication. And for me art is a way of communication which first and for most, lies in the sensory perception. I need works to be because they need to be. Not because they give a little pamphlet full of ideas a reason to be read. In the base, the core and in the beginning I’ll all ways be a visual artist, so it will be enough if people just linger for a while and try to experience the work in a purely sensory way. Of course my works do have an intellectual side and I will all ways be willing to talk about my concepts because they are very important, but this intellectual part is used as a tool to keep the the work coherent. I try to approach my work as a magic realist writer does his story. With care and attention I weave my thoughts in my chosen materials, I try to find the wonder in unremarkable things. When I make an animal out of fabric and plaster, I try to do this in a way that it will get animated and will get it’s own ego. Not as a doe or fox, but as a presence. When I try to grasp a building with just a sewing machine and a black ribbon, I do the same. In this way I hope the works will communicate with the viewer in a way that makes additional explaining unnecessary. That is what I strive for.